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Jan 2013

All good things come to an end, and this is the end of newa om CCI.
2 CH's have been added today as the last.

It has been a long journey, full of learning about our wonderful btrrd, and we hope that these pages will remain online for a long long periode for breeders and fanciers to enjoy. Thank you all for your interest!

The CCI team.

March  16
USA CH uploaded

Feb. 24

At long lasr, we have a new CH from USA. 
And the title ">Grand CH" has been added to an Australian dog (actually, a bitch ;o))

Dec. 12
2 Articles added under Showing. 1 on stacking, and 1 on gaiting.

Main menu > showing >

Aug. 7
2 new articles on Fronts added. One by swiss vet and one by Jennifer Roberson.

main menu > Photo illustrated standard > click-on Cardi > front

March 15
A french CH !!

Feb. 20
2 USA CHs uploaded

Feb. 05
A wonderfull video of a Cardi-girl doing what she was born to do has been uploaded.
Main menu  > Training /performance > Herding

Feb. 01
Dutch CH uploaded.

Jan. 04     2011 - Happy New Year !!!

2 USA Ch's uploaded.
Kennelstory by Judith Scott-Williams, Australia, added.
Main menu > kennel history
On the fronts-page, a photo of some near perfect fronts has been added. 
Main menu > Illustrated standard > click-on cardi > front

Nov. 23
At long last - another CH uploaded.

June 27

A tribute to Marieann Gladstone has been added.
Main menu

March 4
3 new CH's uploaded, one USA and 2 Polish

Feb 15
New Polish CH.

Feb 04
Our first swiss CH uploaded.

Jan 20
A link to  a second Dutch Corgi Club added. 

Jan 14
A compare between Hip- and Elbow (OFA and FCI) ratings has been added:
Main menu > Health issues
Main Menu > Ariticles  Index

Jan 10
2 Australian CH's uploaded, and a new Grand CH title for another . 


Dec 19
2 Polish CH's uploaded.

Dec. 16
Finally! We have got another CH. Things have slowed down, but we are still at it.

Oct. 29
There has been quite some work done behind the scenes, and new updates. Also we have a new member in the deveopment panel. 

The Index page has been updated with a new design
Main menu

Article on inheritance of size in Cardigans
Main Menu > Breeding Issues > header "genetics"

Kennel History has been updated with an article on the early history of the Beckrow kennels, UK

July 22
2 new articles on herding adventures added.

main menu > training/performance > herding

June 15
Polish CH uploaded.

Apr. 12
Finally, after a long, long time, we once again have a CH for the gallery. One is uploaded, it is an american CH. 

Things are going a bit slow now, as we are no longer in a hurry, and all members of the CCI have lives to live. We are still at work, there is much more to be done, but things have slowed down - we will get there when we get there.

Updates will happen, but they will be longer apart. 

Jan. 10

Italian history added.
Main menu > Breed history

 - 2009  Happy New Year to all of our loyal readers!! - 

Dec. 4
Article on breed type deveopment (PDF) uploaded.
Main menu > breeding issues

Nov. 28
1 USA CH uploaded.

Nov. 22
2 USA CH's uploaded.

1 USA performance CH uploaded.

Oct. 17
1 USA CH uploaded

Oct. 10

Article on agility for Cardis uploaded, PDF.

main menu > traing > agility

Sept 26

Due to a complete computercrash of the webmaster of this site, there has been a long periode of silence in the group, but it looks like we are back in business. At least for the time being, as it looks like the webmaster will have to buy a new computer. So the next few weeks will be off and on.

Today a new Finnish CH is uploaded, and 2 new articles in Herding.
Main Menu > Training/Performance > herding

Sept. 13
1 Finnish CH uploaded

Aug. 31
2 new Finnish CH's uploaded

Aug. 23
A New separate page on AFILITY has been started
Main Menu > Training/Performance > agility

Aug. 21
A new seperate page on HERDING has been started, and several articles and pictures uploaded.
Main Menu > Training/Performance > Herding

Also the artcle-index has been updated, and there are links to many new articles.

Aug. 18
Finnsih CH uploaded. 

June 18
Receipy for beef-liver remedy for fading puppies uploaded. This might save the lives of your puppies, if they are weak and having trouble. 

Main menu > puppies  or
Main menu > health issues

June 7
1 new finnish CH added.

May 22
1 new USA CH added.

May 6
3 new USA CH's uploaded

April 29
1 CH uploaded, United Kingdom. 

April 23
1 USA-CH uploaded.

April 18
1 new USA-CH added

April 13

1 new USA-CH uploaded.

The page on colour has been updated, and there has been added a separate page on the issue of whIte markings. 

Main menu > photo illustrated standard > colours
the link to the separate page on markings is on the colourpage. 

Feb 19

USA CH added

  - 2008  - 

Dec 15

Article on how to choose a puppy for agility-training in the future. 
Main Menu >Training And Performance > link

Dec 12
Our second czech CH uploaded.

Nov 18
2 new CH's uploaded, an Ausatralia and an American.

Nov 15
Article on HD in Cardigans uploaded.
Main menu > health issues > HD article

No  3

3 new CH's uploaded today. Our first from the Czech. Republic!

Oct 21
1 Swedish CH uploaded

Oct 18

1 USA CH uploaded.

Sept 10
1 USA CH uploaded.

Sept 06
3 CH's uploaded, 1 German and 2 Swedish

August 21
2 new CH's uploaded

August 3
German CH added.

July 30
1 new AM CH uploaded, 1 picture (AM CH) updated.

Things are very slow here at the CCI at the moment, as most of the panel are enjoying summer holidays with other activities, and some others are travelling far and wide around the world. But we will be back after the summer with renewed strength, and more updates on important issues. Stay tuned for further news...

July 4
Article on Height - Length ratio by P. Ormos updoaded. 
Illiustrated Standard > Outline > bottom of page

June 28
Finnish CH uploaded

June 17
USA CH uploaded.

May 19
Finnish CH uploaded.

May 14
Article on Whelping Difficulties uploaded.
Breeding issues.

New members have joined our panel, see "website panel" in the main menu. 

April 28
Dutch youth CH uploaded

April 23
Ratio pages, illustrating the correct ratio of the Cardi outline, 1.8  : 1,  test yourself in judging correct ratio !
Illustrated standard  > Click On Cardi > Outline

New Dutch CH uploaded.

March 10
History of Cardis in Southern Africa uploaded
Breed history > Other countries > Southern Africa (PDF)

2 Dutch CH's uploaded.

Febr. 28
Dutch CH uploaded.

Febr. 13
New Finnish performance CH. uploaded.

Jan 13

New Polish CH uploaded.

 - 2007 - 

Dec. 16
3 new CH*S uploaded and new picture of Polish CH.

Nov. 11
New USA Chadded, 
Arlyne Opus One of Allegro

Nov. 03
5 new USA CH's uploaded

Oct. 28
New USA Ch uploaded,
Larchmonts Auspicious 

Oct. 6
Article by Charlie MacInnes "What kind of dwarf are we?"
Main menu > breeding isssues.

August 26
A Norwegian and a Finnish CH uploaded

August 15
Australian CH uploaded

August 11
Page on  movement uploaded.
Main menu >Photo  IS > click on Cardi > link to movement left

August 5
Polish Junior CH uploaded

July 14
Polish Junior CH uploaded 

June 26
One more Swedish CH uploaded

June 23
Swedish CH uploaded

June 3
2 new f´Finnish CH's uploaded

May 29
Finnish CH uploaded

May 19
Australian CH uploaded

May 13
New USA CH added,
AM.CH.Dunes Fade  To  Blaque 

April 29
New Dutch CH added

April 12
Australian CH uploaded

Mar. 10
Early British History uploaded (PDF)
History > Great Britain > Early History

Mar. 3
New USA CH uploaded.
UK Standard  shown with the changes over the years. 
Main Menu > Standards

Feb. 27
USA CH added,
Xtacee Music Of The Night

Feb. 22
Canadian CH uploaded. 

Feb. 16
Kentwood Kennel history added.

Feb. 15
Polish CH's uploaded.

Feb. 12
2 new CH's have been uploaded, USA, Pyne Woode's

Feb. 8
2 new USA CH's added.

Feb. 1
2 new USA CH's added.

Jan. 31
2 new CH's, 1 Danish, one American.

Jan. 24.
3 new Danish CH's added and 1 Swedish.

Jan. 05  2006
2 new Ch's added.

Dec. 17
New USA Ch uploaded,
AM.CH. Kaview  Strike Up The Band CGC.
Also there is a link added on the Standard page, that leads to a comparison of the changes in the USA standard over the years. 

Dec. 10
The illustrated standard has been uploaded with pages for correct and faulty cardigan coats. 

Dec. 7
Australien CH uploaded,
AUSTR.CH. Kalora Heaven Can Wait

Dec. 1
New performance CH uploaded,
CH. Kylea's Foggy Botm Magic Tric  CGC, TDI, CD

Nov. 20
4 New Performance CH's uploaded, all from Finland. 1 Canadian CH uploaded.

Nov. 04
New swedish CH uploaded
SWED.CH. Wesa Borgs Taateli 

Oct. 26
New CAN.CH uploadled, Sisterwood Brine N' Brimstone.

6 new CH's uploaded today!

Oct. 04
4 new CH's  added. Geestland's Legit Logo, Geestland's Northern Nova, Joy Transfer Clancy, Windshyre Blue Eclipse.

Sept. 29
Two new articles have been added, one on how to judge by the FCI rules by Anne Indergaard, Norway, (to be found under "Judging") and one on the separation of the two Corgi breeds by Anita Nordlunde, Switzerland (to be found under "Breed History"). 

Sept. 17

Our CH # 101 is uploaded, FIN.CH. Blackoleran Albert Aurica

Sept. 13
3 New Australian CH's uploaded, all from Cwrt Y Ci . 
And our CH # 100 has been uploaded !!!!!! Nicknames Bluecamouflage to Cardax, Swedish bred and Danish owned. 

August 30
USA Ch added
Cardiridge Blond Moments.

August 23
New Ch's uploaded, 2 Finnish, 1 Swiss, 1 American  and 1 performance CH.
Also, there has been an addendum to the piece about the CCI. It is an explanation of who we are, and what we are trying to achieve. 
Main Menu > top

August 16
2 new CH's have been added, Fin/s.CH Bigwoods Fooling Around + Fin.CH. Welshclan's Ian's Ideal Image.
Also the outline page has been finished.
Main Menu > Photoillustrated Standard > Click on Cardi > Outline

August 15
Article by Charles MacInnes on the inheritance of the Blue Merle. Links from both articleindex page and the colourpage.
Main menu > Photoillustrated Standard > Click-On Cardi > Colours

August 14
New AM.NL.NZ. CH. Copperleaf Burnt Spice added.
Indexpage  for internal articles added.

August 8
New CH added,
AM.CH. Baledwr Cobalt Sky 

July 13
Performance CH uploaded:
Ffallian Mellystra Y Heulwen 

July 8
Polish CH uploaded, Tessalia Controversia

July 4
3 articles by Thelma Gray uploaded: "Recovery of  the Blue Merle" 
Main Menu > Photo Illustrated Standard > Colours 
"Breeding the Cardiganshire Type" and "The Yardlong Dog"
Main Menu > Breed History
1 Article by Sarah Taylor " the Differnce in Temperaments in Cardis and Pems
Main Menu > Photo Illsutrated Standard > temperaments

June 29
Tails have been added to the illustrated standard, comments and pictures.
Main Menu > photo illustrated standard > click tail 

June 27
2 new AM.CH's uploaded, AM.CH. Cheysuli's Peekaboo Blue + AM.CH. Rhydowen Jasper Again

June 9
UK.CH. Yardican Diamond Drop is added to the CH. page

May 27
2 new Finnish Ch's. Geestland's Fave Rave and Geestland's Hitchhiker

May 18
New Zealand CH. added, Copperleaf Rose of Sharon

May 9
3 new Ch's, 1 United Kingdom, 1 Canadian, 1 American

May 6
4 new CH's uploaded, 1 Norwegian, 3 Canadian

May 2
New feature on the CCI site: "Topic of the Month"  on the discussion forum
3 new Ch's uploaded: 1 Australian, 1 Finnish and the first Danish!

April 27
5 new Ch's uploaded, 2 Finnish,1 New  Zealandish, 1 American and 1 Australian.
New comments on the Cardi front.

April 23
Uploaded: 2 new American Ch's, 1 show CH, AM.CH. Rubad Black Diamond,
and 1 performance CH, Pecan Valley Run Ruby Run.

April 21
New Finnish Ch uploaded, Mudpaw's Born To Be A Star

April 16
German Ch uploaded, Gowerston Graduate
Article (PDF-file) on Canadian history added
Main menu > Breed history > Canada

April 14
Finnish CH Geestland's Living Legend uploaded.
History of Cardis in Norway added.
Main Menu > Breed History > Norway

April 10
Aptitude Test for puppies uploaded.
Main Menu > Breeding Issues > Puppies

April 9
Article on the Blue Merles in USA uploaded. PDF file.
Main Menu > Breed History

April 7
New article on Puppy socialization.
Main Menu > Breeding Issues >  Puppies > Bringing up Babies

Articles on Grooming uploaded
Main Menu > Grooming

April 6
1 new Finnish Ch. uploaded, Newcard's  Fourwheeldrive
4 articles by Patrick Ormos uploaded.
Main Menu >  Breeding Issues

April 5
3 new Ch's uploaded, 2 Australian, 1 Finnish.

March 28
New Swedish CH uploaded, under letter G

March 7
2 PDF articles by Ken Linacre on the inheritance of Cardi Coatcolour
Main Menu > Photo illustrated Standard  > Click On Cardi > Colours

Feb 24
The Kennelstories from Twinroc, Texas, and Beckrow, UK, have been uploaded.
Main Menu > Kennel History
New US CH uploaded, AM.CH. Chaps Glasshouse  Ante Up,  HIC

Feb. 18

Several new Articles uploaded.

Main Menu > Breeding Issues
Maintaining Type
Compare Breeds
Hip Dysplasia
Kennel Management

Main Menu > Judging
Inside the Judges Mind
How Judging Affects Breed
Faultlessness vs. Virtues

Main Menu > Breeding Issues > Puppies
Choosing a Show Puppy

New CH.  uploaded, UK

New Am.CH. uploaded.

Feb. 1
A new picture of a butterfly nose added to illustrate how it darkens when maturing.
Main Menu > Photo Illustrated Standard > Click-on Cardi >  Head > nose
Am.CH added.

Jan. 24
History of Cardis in Finland, first part up to 1995, uploaded with many pictures.
Main Menu > Breed history > Finland
Also 2 new CH's, one Australian bred now in America, and another American.

Jan. 17
A Swedish, a New Zealand and a Australlian Champion uploaded.

Jan. 13
Two Australian Champions uploaded and one German.

Jan. 7
First Canadian Champion uploaded.

Jan. 5
A new British and an American Champion uploaded.

Jan. 4
The first Champion from Latvia is uploaded. And one more performance dog.
Links to information on the "Canine Good Citizen" dog scheme from both USA and Britain added.
Main Menu >  Champion and Performance Gallery

Jan. 2
We are very pleased to welcome Fran Fricker,  Kerman Kennels, UK to the CCI panel.
One more Polish Champion uploaded.

Jan. 1

We now have our first Polish Champion! Also a new Performance Ch. has been uploaded, USA.

Happy New Year, Everybody!

Dec. 28
Two new performance Champions have been added, and a Show Champion.

Dec. 22
Two new Australian Champions added
Main Menu > Champion- and Performance title holders.

Dec. 21
The first of hopefully many articles on showing the Cardi has been uploaded.
Main Menu > Showing

Dec. 20
A Champion from America and one from Britain uploaded.

Dec. 18
One more Performance dog uploaded,  look under "C" or  USA.

Dec. 17
Several new Champions have been uploaded, and a Performance Dog doing "his thing".  We have our first British Champion and Australian Champion.

Dec. 13
We have the first performance dog in the gallery. Look under nation "America" or letter "C"

Dec. 12
We  now invite all Cardis holding  titles other than conformation to show their dog in t he gallery. If your dog has a tracking - herding - service dog or "whatever"title,  send us a picture of the dog "doing his/her thing" or other, and we will put it up, in acknowledgement of the great versatility of our wonderful breed.

Dec. 11
The first Dutch Champion is uploaded.

Dec. 09
More Finnish Champions uploaded, and a Swiss.
Are there no Americans, who want to show off their dogs?

Dec. 07
Several more Finnish Champions added.
Rules for making up a Fiinnish Champion added.
Main Menu > Champion Gallery > Requirements

Dec. 06
We are very pleased to welcome Jon Kimes, Pluperfect Kennels, USA,  to the CCI panel.
New Finnish Champions uploaded to the Champion Gallery.

Dec. 01
Finnish Champions added, more to come real soon.
If you have made up a Champion this year and want it displayed here, send correct material to us. More info on the Champion Gallery.

Nov. 29
Several Norwegian Champions have been uploaded to the Champion Gallery.
Links page added.

Nov. 27
History of Cardis in Sweden has been uploaded.
Main Menu > Breed History > Sweden

We now have a total of 7 Champions uploaded. If you have one of your own, feel free to send it to us for the world to see.

Nov. 26
Anatomy page has been modified with addition of measuring points for length and height.

Main Menu > Anatomy

Nov. 24
The first Champions have been added to the gallery. Under New Zealand and America, letters C,  P, R.
Main Menu > Champion Gallery > alphabet- or nation search.

Nov. 22
The Champion Gallery has been opened.  For information on how to submit a Champion, see the page "submit a Champion".  So far the gallery is open for all dogs/bitches,  who have gained their title in 2004. See rules on page. Also information on rules for gaining the CH-title in many countries.
Main Menu > Champion Gallery

Nov. 21
Link to Thomas Rees-Jones pedigree data-base added. Contains mostly UK-dogs.
Main menu

Nov. 21
Pages on "Rear" have been updated with comments on the rear.
illustrated standard > click on Cardi > rear end

Nov. 21
Pages on "Body" have been updated with pictures and comments.
illustrated standard > click on Cardi > body part

Oct. 31
Article on current Breeding Lines in the USA 69 - 84 by J.J.Kimes added
breed history > history articles.

Oct. 22
"Training/ Performance" link has been added several photos.

Oct. 13th 2004
We are finally online!! After some trouble getting started due to an overwhelming amount of visitors, we now have a domain.



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