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Cardicommentary International (CCI)

Since April 2003 a small international group of Cardigan enthusiasts, who had met on the Showcardi List, have been working on a website dedicated to the Cardigan Corgi. It has been a long and at times tedious proces. On an average the group consists of 10-12 persons from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Some have left and new members have joined the group. The names of present and previous members of the panel are listed on the site.

The aim is to create an educational website where judges, breeders and owners of Cardigans, whether they are interested in showing or performance work or simply appreciate the Cardigan Corgi as a family pet, in time will be able to find all sorts of information and advice in one place instead of having to collect the information from many different sources.

The main project is a photo illustrated standard describing the Cardigan in detail by means of photos and comments based on the standard from the breed's country of origin (UK) and which is valid in the FCI-member states, as well as the AKC standard which is essentially based on the British standard but more specific and detailed. This project is still ongoing and very time consuming as suitable photos have to be collected and the various comments submitted by the members discussed, co-ordinated and edited until a mutually satisfactory result has been reached. The skeleton drawings made by the French artist Béatrice Quinio, were done on the basis of several X-rays of Cardigans. The sketches were redone several times until the final version was approved. The coloured outline is equally derived from photographs of typical Cardigans. This means that it is not a live Cardigan who is the model for the skeleton drawings or the "click on Cardi".

The many articles on the website are written by Cardigan breeders and judges with many years of experience. The majority of these articles have appeared in various magazines and year books and are published on the website with the author's permission. In addition, you will find many links to relevant websites.

The website also contains accounts of the progress of the breed in various countries and the stories of some of the famous Cardigan kennels.

There is also an international Champion gallery, both for conformation and performance, and everybody is invited to submit their Cardigan who gained his/her champion title in 2005. Champions from 2004 are still accepted. Detailed information on how to submit a champion can be found on the main index page > Champion Gallery.

Since the website went public in mid-October 2004 we have received many positive comments. The site is still under construction, so please keep coming back and check for new additions. Any comments and suggestions are most welcome.

The website panel is always looking for knowledgeable, enthusiastic and interested participants who are prepared to invest some time in this project. We welcome either nominations or volunteers. We are a closed group focused solely on gathering information about the Cardigan Welsh Corgi from around the world and building the website to share that information, so people nominated have to be approved by the majority of the panel.



The Cardigan Commentary International (CCI) group is all about gathering and sharing knowledge and learning. The often painstaking work is done voluntarily and is time donated for the good of the breed and because we in the group all love the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Any knowledge gained and then shared contributes to better international understanding of the breed. Better understanding of the breed in a global sense has the potential to do much for the overall good of the breed.

Knowledge is only worth something when shared. Over many years the Corgi worlds, both Pembroke and Cardigan have lost many people who may not have had the opportunity to pass on their valuable, unique knowledge and insight into the breeds. So many people never do get around to writing anything down and this precious information eventually passes into oblivion with them.

The aim of CCI is not to take anything away, but to try and leave an enduring legacy to the breed. We are not promoting group members, we are not drawing conclusions ourselves nor forcing our own individual ideas and concepts on others, but we are simply providing information from existing resources on the net and from learned, experienced individuals and making it available in the one place. We only want the best for the breed.

In eary 2003, the concept of an international breed website panel to gather and share global information about the Cardigan Welsh Corgi had a difficult birth. Despite small pockets of hostility and some early difficulties as it gained its focus and direction, it managed to survive.

To the many, many wonderful people who have contributed to the CCI breed website and helped make it the wonderful source of information it is today, MANY THANKS for sharing your knowledge and expertise. Due to your generosity the CCI website is the envy of other breeds and the comprehensive information it contains is of value and interest to many, even outside the Cardigan world.

Apart from gathering information, the website panel is always looking for knowledgeable, enthusiastic and interested people who can actively participate and are prepared to invest some time in this project.

We welcome either nominations or volunteers. We are not a discussion group, but a small team working and focused solely upon gathering information about the Cardigan Welsh Corgi from around the world and building a website to share that information. As it is a team effort and everyone is expected to actively participate, anyone nominated to join the team is normally approved by the majority of the panel.

August 2005


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