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Breed type



Stud management


Brood management

What is A Pedigree  by Pat Santi


Breed Comparisons  by Marieann Gladstone

Starting On The Right Foot   by J.J. Kimes

Maintaining Type  by Di Johnson

Kennel Management  by Jon Kimes

Overdoing it   by Patrick Ormos

 Breeding to establish a bloodline   by Patrick Ormos

What constitutes greatness in a producing Dog?   by Patrick Ormos.

Breeding Your Dog   by Pat Santi

Breed Type Development, aritcle by Patrick Ormos (PDF)

Seven Foundations of a Successful Breeder


Health Issues


Whelping difficulties, (PDF) article from handbook Welsh Corgi League, 1962, no author.

What kind of dwarf are we?  (PDF)
Article by Charlie MacInnes.

An Injury  article by Bridget Smeeton, New Zealnd (PDF)

Not In My Kennel! by Patrick Ormos

Dealing with HD  by Patrick Ormos

Size inheritance in Cardigan Welsh Corgi  article by Miroslav 

Hip Dysplasia  by Charlie MacInnes

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