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Calendar 2021

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7 January Boston & DCS Championship NoCCs Cancelled  
16 January Manchester Championship Cancelled 12
20 February CWCA Open Cancelled 18
23 April WELKS Championship Cancelled 10
1 May Midland Welsh Corgi Club Championship Cancelled 26
11 June Three Counties Championship NoCCs Cancelled 10
22 June Cheshire County Show General Open Mr John Purnell 4 Results
27 June Southern Counties Championship NoCCs Mr Darren Clarke 14 Results
3 July Devon County Show General Open Mrs Jane Stevens 2 Schedule Map
4 July Windsor Championship Cancelled 12
7 July East of England AS General Open Mr Derek Allsopp 4 Results
11 July East of England AS Championship NoCCs Mr Gary Gray 12 Results
17 July National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Mr Tim Ball 11 Results
18 July CRUFTS Championship Cancelled 14
24 July Wiveliscombe & DCS General Open Mrs SM Beeney 2 Results
25 July Leeds Championship Mr S Mallard 13 Results
31 July Kilmarnock & DCC General Open Heather Turner 1 Schedule Map
3 August Bath Championship Mr Martin Sanders 17 Results
3 August The Welsh Corgi Club Open Mrs Dianne Goddard 12 Results
9 August Paignton Championship NoCCs Ms Marion Sargent 8 Results
9 August South West Welsh Corgi Club Championship Miss Eileen Eby (Kilvroch) 18 Results
15 August Mid Somerset AS General Open Helen Gutteridge 2 Results
15 August Upperward of Lanarkshire CS General Open Mr Ernie Paterson 1 Schedule Map
16 August Bournemouth Championship Mr Huw Bishop 12 Results
22 August Blackpool Championship NoCCs MR RICHARD KINSEY 12 Results
22 August Welsh Kennel Club Championship Cancelled 14
26 August Driffield Championship NoCCs Ms Lisa Franchi 13 Results
28 August Newton Abbott & South Devon CS General Open ANGIE BAKER 1 Results
29 August Horley & DSS General Open Mrs Cath Moffat 3 Results
29 August Ross & Cromarty CC General Open Ms J Thomson 1 Schedule Map
30 August Great Yarmouth, Goreleston & DCS General Open Hazel Fitzgibbon 5 Schedule Map
4 September City of Birmingham Championship Cancelled 14
10 September Richmond Championship NoCCs Ms Allyson King 10 Results
15 September Thame & Oxfordshire CCS General Open Mrs Hazel Fitzgibbon 4 Results
17 September Darlington Championship Mrs E P Hollings 9 Results
18 September Exeter & CCS General Open Bev White 2 Results
19 September Sheringham & DKA General Open Helen Gutteridge 4 Schedule Map
24 September National Dog Show Championship Mr Howard Ogden 18 Results
25 September CWCA Championship Mrs Roslyn Gardiner 20 Results
26 September CWCA Championship Mr Simon Parsons 20 Results
26 September Poole General Open Mrs S Duffin 3 Schedule Map
2 October Scottish Kennel Club Championship Mrs Jill Peak 18 Results
5 October Border Union Championship NoCCs MR DARREN CLARKE 7 Schedule Map
7 October Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales Championship Cancelled 10
8 October South Wales KA Championship Cancelled  
10 October South West Welsh Corgi Club Championship Mrs Cerys Davies 18 Results
16 October Pennine & Yorkshire Welsh Corgi Assoc Championship Mr Steve Atkinson 24 Results
16 October Pennine & Yorkshire Welsh Corgi Assoc Championship NoCCs Ms Marion Sargent 24 Results
23 October Belfast CS Championship NoCCs MR RICHARD KINSEY 5 Schedule Map
28 October Midland Counties CS Championship NoCCs Cancelled 10
6 November Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Championship NoCCs Cancelled 4 Schedule Map
7 November East Kent CS General Open Joanna Hayward 3 Results
7 November Minehead & DCS General Open Mr Doug Bedford 2 Results
13 November Midland Welsh Corgi Club Championship Mrs Karen Hewitt (Cardhew) 26 Results
13 November Hyde & DCA General Open Mr Colin Russell 4 Schedule Map
20 November The Welsh Corgi Club Championship NoCCs Ms Sammi Aynscough 14 Results
21 November Whitehaven & DCA General Open Vicky Bell 1 Schedule Map
28 November Welsh Corgi Club of Cambria Championship Mrs Jan Keeble 18 Results
28 November Guildford & DCS General Open Mrs S Duffin 3 Schedule Map
4 December Exonian CA General Open Peter Boot 2 Schedule Map
12 December Ladies Kennel Association Championship Mr M Vincent 14 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule Map
18 December Darwen CS General Open Mr Russell Mosedale 3 Entries closed Online Entries closed Schedule Map
19 December Totnes & DCS General Open MR G OSBORNE 2 Entries closed Schedule Map
27 December Wealdstone & Northolt CS General Open Christopher Godfrey 4 Entries closed 13 December Schedule Map