Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association

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The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association ("CWCA")

The CWCA is the only Club in the UK which is devoted solely to the interests of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  There are many regional dual breed Clubs which cater for both breeds of Corgi.

The interests of the CWCA are invested in a Committee of twelve and the President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  These people work hard to make the CWCA run smoothly and organise three shows per year, two Open and one Championship Show.  The Committee also organise events such as an educational day, fun days and at the Annual General Meeting each year they also put on another event of interest to Cardigan Corgi owners, as well as a lunch for any Member who wishes to have one.  All Members of the CWCA are invited to attend any event put on by the CWCA, whether they are interested in breeding, showing, obedience, agility or own a companion dog(s).

Members of the CWCA are sent free of charge two newsletters each year, in Spring and Autumn. The newsletters inform Members of forthcoming events as well as other news. Back numbers can sometimes be obtained from the Secretary .

Every second year the CWCA produces a Handbook, which is informative and creates a history of the breed, showing photographs of some of the breed's "great" dogs from all over the world. Back numbers are usually available at current prices from the Secretary . Due to the high costs of production the Handbook(s) have to be bought by Members.

The CWCA has many Members from overseas and they are welcomed when they visit the UK.

All details of memberships are kept on computer, these details are not made available to any outside organisation, but the membership list is available for inspection by Members of CWCA or the Kennel Club.

The CWCA has a computerised Breed System for the Members to use to assist them in researching the pedigrees of Cardigan Corgis.